All Ears for Overheard

Okay, that’s rather in poor taste, especially when you see the poster for the new movie that’s directed by the same people who brought you the blockbuster Infernal Affairs trilogy. The poster can be found after the cut because I don’t want to be shocking anyone into regurgitating their lunch when they have been so kind to stop by my little blog.  Alan Mak and Felix Chong have returned to their roots after the apparent comedy fiasco that was Lady Cop and Papa Crook with a moralistic thriller starring Daniel Wu, Louis Koo, and the actor I’m most looking forward to see from this movie, Lau Ching Wan. Here’s a sneak peek with some movie stills:


And here’s the poster. At first glance, it doesn’t look like much, but on closer inspection, you realize to your horror that it’s a severed ear on a mouse trap. Given the movie’s plot-line, the metaphor isn’t so far-fetched because it is going to be about three cops working in the Criminal Intelligence Bureau who find themselves embroiled in crime and corruption when they overhear their suspects dealing in price gauging in the stock market and are tempted to do the same. According to writers/directors Mak and Chong, the imagery of the poster was to convey the darkness that the human soul is capable of, but personally, I think it’s all about the shock value that will get tongues wagging, people talking, and hence, movie promoting.

Lau Ching Wan is going to be playing the most “ordinary” of the three characters, the one who feels torn between his moral duty and his selfish desires, while Louis Koo is the man who’s in it for the money to provide for his family. Daniel Wu is going to be the full-blown villain, describing his character as the type of bad guy with a skewed sense of ethics, who believes he’s doing the right thing and the rest of the world is wrong. This must be like the bazillionth collaboration between Lau Ching Wan and Louis Koo, but I don’t recall Daniel Wu working with either of them much, so this should be interesting. All three are capable actors, but I fully expect Lau Ching Wan to walk away with the film in his usual low-key, unassuming way. Who knows, Daniel Wu might surprise, but I still find him, along with Louis Koo, sort of opaque as actors, in that they aren’t fully capable of conveying the layers of their characters that Lau Ching Wan can do so awesomely even with a cardboard role. Overheard (竊聽風雲) is set to release during the summer.


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  1. sourlemon

    Lolz because you said not suitable for weak stomach, I prepared for the worst, so of course I forgot all about the title and thought it was a baby on the mousetrap. I sure hope you weren’t eating when you’re reading this. I know!!!! I need a psychologist. I can’t help it. Blame saw!

    The cast sounds incredible. I’m looking forward to seeing this. Lolz, I’m actually more impressed with the Infernal Affair reference (even though I only enjoy and remember the first of its trilogy).